Israeli Early Stage High-tech in War For Survival


Israeli high-tech has made a profound impact on the world, with its contributions spanning various sectors, from cybersecurity to healthcare, agriculture, and more. The country's entrepreneurial spirit, innovative mindset, and technological expertise continue to drive progress and shape the global landscape of innovation.
The war that began on Oct 7th and the ensuing global mobilization and combat operation are the most devastating events the state of Israel faced. The ramifications are all-encompassing, and the level of human suffering is incalculable. The war poses a major challenge for Israeli startups. Many team members were drafted to combat, and others are facing personal tragedies.

Our Mission

Helping early stages Tech Startups deal with the current events, by prolonging their run rate and providing emergency funding in the form of a safe investment


Civil society in Israel and all around the globe is coming together to offer help in any way possible. The Fund described here is targeting emergency assistance to keep an important part of the Israeli economy alive during this difficult time.

We aim to keep that part of the high-tech industry alive while the entrepreneurs are unavailable so that when the war ends, the high-tech industry does not need to start from zero.

Investing in Israeli high-tech during conflict demonstrates a commitment to both financial success and a broader responsibility to humanity and global well-being, in the face of adversity.

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